About Me


My cavewoman face.

Everything changed when I joined Instagram.  I shamelessly indulged my delusion that people were eagerly awaiting the expertly framed images of my next meal, and graciously posted multiple pictures per day of the things I consume. I am fond of this delusion, and continue to post many, many pictures.  But it was Instagram that made me realize that sharing my efforts was inexplicably rewarding.  See, eating healthy IS hard, and getting a few pats on the back and encouragement here and there made me feel pretty proud of what I’d accomplished- and that pride in doing something worth doing is what gets me out of bed and into the kitchen every morning. Ok, maybe I hit the snooze button a few times… but all in all, sharing my daily quest to eat well has changed my entire approach to food.

Paleo is often referred to as the “caveman diet”.  Animals and plants that you could hunt or gather in an older, wilder version of the world we live in now are generally accepted as what the paleo diet comprises.  Since we do not live in this older, wilder world, I do most of my hunting and foraging at my local Kroger, or Whole Foods if I’m feeling really fancy.  I am a cavewoman of modest means, and unfortunately at this point in time regular foraging missions to Whole Foods are not in the cards.  But I get by.

As I get more comfortable with paleo cooking, I am less and less dependent on rigidly planned meals, and my browsing at the store really does resemble more of a foraging mission and less of a search and destroy mission.  One problem with planning what you are going to cook and and therefore buy ahead of time is that this doesn’t really give you flexibility to experiment with seasonal foods that show up periodically and without warning, or to try an interesting new vegetable on a whim.  If I’ve never tried rhubarb I’m not just going to grab a couple of stalks and hope for the best.  I’d want to cook them using a tasty paleo veggie recipe that will give them the best chance of showing favorably.  A lack of good resources to remedy this dilemma is what inspired me to make well tagged, creative paleo recipes the focus of this blog.  My goal is for readers (and myself) to be able to spot an interesting new veggie or other food they haven’t tried, or haven’t cooked with, and look up a paleo recipe on the go that utilizes that item.

It will take me a while to build up a good database of unique, tried and true recipes.  I probably won’t post anything I haven’t made myself.  So bear with me- this is a marathon, not a sprint! Please feel free to send me feedback and any suggestions you have to make this site better.  Oh, and if you would like to get a steady dose of lovely images with artfully arranged paleo foodstuffs (and occasionally other random things; my cats, for example), you can follow me on Instagram: @hieblet. Enjoy!