Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

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This coconut milk iced coffee is really more of a dessert than a simple beverage, but I do usually drink it in the morning and not as a treat after meals, so… I guess I can rationalize putting it in the breakfast category. I have tried quite a few different kinds of coffee and enjoyed it in plenty of different ways. I have also ruined quite a few pots of coffee and had literally no idea what went wrong.  I’ve learned a few tips and tricks here and there for brewing good coffee, and the ones that have stuck with me are as follows:

1. Use filtered, cold water.

2. Use a coffee filter that fits your coffee maker.

3. Store your coffee (beans or ground) in the freezer.

4. Even if you don’t like black coffee, taste test it with nothing added to get familiar with how strong you like your coffee.

5. Don’t let it sit on the heater for too long. Many coffee makers will burn your coffee, causing it to taste bitter.

I personally have found that Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend has never failed to be delicious.  However, you should take this with a grain of salt because the first time I made that coffee was also the first time I used their method to brew the iced coffee.  It may be that most medium roast coffees would make delicious iced coffees when brewed this way.  I also have found that I don’t need to use as much as they recommend on the side of the bag.  This suits my personal tastes, however, so you may find that my coffee is too light for you.  Solution? Use more next time! 😀

The way the coffee is made is by brewing half the amount you want at two times the strength, and then adding ice up to the line so when all the ice melts you’ve got your full pot of chilled coffee at the regular strength.  Personally, I like to use one heaping tablespoon of coffee per cup, and I usually put in an extra for good measure.  That’s why, for this full 5 cup pot of coffee, I end up using about 7 flat tablespoons.  The ingredients I listed are enough to make 5 servings of the coffee, but since I’m usually just making it for myself I’ll just make one glass at a time, and save the rest of the coffee in the fridge for later. Keep that in mind when you’re pulling out ingredients- if you only want one glass right now, you’re only going to need 1/4 cup coconut milk and 1 teaspoon of maple syrup. I don’t recommend mixing in all of the ingredients at once if you aren’t going to drink it right away- the coconut might separate out a bit.

Final note: In this recipe I use maple syrup to sweeten my coffee.  If you don’t mind unsweetened coffee, just don’t add it.  The coconut milk lends so much flavor and creaminess on its own that truthfully, it still tastes good without it.  Further, I recognize that this is not paleo but for the sake of full disclosure I will share that when I’m not splurging, I usually put Truvia in my coffee.  I won’t speak for or against it, but you can read a little bit about Truvia at Mark’s Daily Apple.

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Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

coconut milk iced coffee

By Published: September 27, 2012

  • Yield: 5 cups (5 Servings)
  • Cook: 10 mins

The creamy coconut milk and cool freshness of this coconut milk iced coffee really makes drinking this in the morning feel like the weekend, no matter what day of the week it is.



  1. Fill the coffee maker reservoir with the cold filtered water.
  2. Spoon the ground coffee into the filter. Close up and press start!
    starbucks medium iced coffee blend
  3. As soon as the coffee is done, turn off the coffee maker. Start adding ice one cube at a time, being careful not to splash yourself with burning coffee. You don't want to add too much ice at once- cooling the glass coffee pot too fast may cause it to crack. Add ice until you've filled the pot to 5 cups. Let sit for a few minutes to cool completely, or put in the fridge to drink later.
  4. To serve the coffee, add a few more ice cubes to each glass. I usually end up adding around 6 cubes to each glass.
  5. Slowly pour 1/4 cup coconut milk over the ice cubes in each glass. Something I enjoy is when a thin layer of coconut milk freezes onto the ice- it just looks cool.
    coconut milk in glass
  6. Add in 1 teaspoon of maple syrup to each glass.
  7. Slowly pour about a cup of the coffee into each glass, being careful to pour directly over the maple syrup to help it mix in as you pour. Another reason to pour slowly is it doesn't mix in all of the coconut milk at once. This is good for presentation purposes, and I also enjoy when the last few sips are the creamiest and most delicious.
  8. Sometimes the coconut milk will be a bit flaky swirling around in the glass, rather than mixing in to give the nice light beige color in my photo. To fix this and still keep the coconut milk in the bottom, I use a spoon to agitate the ice cubes in the glass a bit. This helps mix up the top layer of liquid while still leaving enough of the coconut milk layer at the bottom.
  9. Serve right away! Or, if you're me, keep it all to yourself and drink slowly, pretending you're on vacation when actually you are late to work.
    coconut milk iced coffee

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