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Holiday Champagne Sangria

COURSE: Beverages   Going out on a limb here, and going to assume that some of you may be interested in recipes for alcoholic beverages.  I am aware that cavemen probably didn't drink sangria, but the cavemen weren't right about EVERYTHING, you know? However, I am sensitive to the needs of those of you that may not drink alcohol, or that may be sensitive to the sulfites in wine.  If that is you, I recommend substituting the wine in the recipe with pomegranate juice ...

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Pink Lady Brussels Sprouts

COURSE: Side Dish   I disliked Brussels sprouts on principle until I tried them for what I'm pretty sure was maybe only the second time ever about a year ago.  Much like broccoli, the smell of Brussels sprouts cooking is a little... different, so I was suspicious as I attempted a Brussels sprouts recipe with browned butter and hazelnuts.  It was surprisingly delicious, so a few weeks later, I tried a different recipe with baked apples.  Again, delicious. After two successes, I was ...