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Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

COURSE: Breakfast   This recipe is based off of one that was originally found in a cookbook. However, I decided to try it out at my grandparent's place in North Dakota over Thanksgiving break, where my cousin Fritz and I had been doing the majority of the cooking for everybody. As I threw all of the ingredients in a bowl, Fritz (who is a pretty good cook and one of those people that has been doing it long enough to cook by instinct ...

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Holiday Champagne Sangria

COURSE: Beverages   Going out on a limb here, and going to assume that some of you may be interested in recipes for alcoholic beverages.  I am aware that cavemen probably didn't drink sangria, but the cavemen weren't right about EVERYTHING, you know? However, I am sensitive to the needs of those of you that may not drink alcohol, or that may be sensitive to the sulfites in wine.  If that is you, I recommend substituting the wine in the recipe with pomegranate juice ...