olive oil

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Mint Pesto Chicken

COURSE: Entrée   This meal is fresh and tasty, as well as high in protein.  Mint may seem like an odd flavor for chicken, but nothing could be further from the truth! This is one of those meals that I default to when I want to make something tasty but not spend two hours in the grocery store and two hours cooking.  Plus, the leftovers are always delicious.

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Season Opener Turkey Burgers

COURSE: Entrée "Football season": an excuse for why people can't eat healthy.  It's just too hard.  There's too much to drink, and too much unhealthy food, and too little self control. However, even in the midst of all that, it's a personal decision, just like everything else.  I think the key is to realize that the tough part is actually just consciously making the choice to do your own thing.  Otherwise, you spend the whole time bemoaning how delicious everything looks and wondering ...