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Paleo Snickerdough

COURSE: Dessert   When I first started following a paleo diet, I still had those times where I'd crack and decide I needed to bake a dozen cookies... or really, just make a batch of cookie dough and eat it with a spoon.  When I realized I had a gluten intolerance, that was no longer an option. So what do I do when I get that craving for homemade cookie dough? I make a personal serving of paleo snickerdough! Now, it's not like I ...

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Paleo Pork Tamales

COURSE: Entrée   One of my favorite things to do on the weekends at home is experiment in the kitchen. Recently, I decided to try something brand new- tamales! I have had tamales on a few occasions, and they were always delicious. I honestly don't think I knew what was inside them on any of those occasions, so this experiment involved unraveling a bit of mystery as well as trying something new in the kitchen. I decided to go with pork tamales, since I'm ...

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Lamb Breakfast Bites

COURSE: Breakfast   This recipe is so simple, but it has earned its own post exactly for that reason- it is delicious and super easy to make.  A recipe doesn't have to be elaborate and require a lot of prep to be good! Sometimes it is easy to forget that when it comes to eating paleo, the simplest preparations are often the healthiest. I have also, for some reason, never been a big fan of many kinds of sausage, or breakfast patties.  Breakfast ...

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Chia Seed Pudding

COURSE: Dessert   The full credit for this recipe will have to go to my roommate, @thevmh.  He found this one and adapted it, so this one is officially his baby- and it's a straight up masterpiece. Something about the texture of the chia seeds- almost like nano tapiocas... mmm. But, enough chat- time for the recipe. Gonna try out this recipe? Don’t forget to tag your Instagram pictures to see yours show up on this page: #chiaseedpudding  #leafygreenpaleo

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Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

COURSE: Breakfast   This recipe is based off of one that was originally found in a cookbook. However, I decided to try it out at my grandparent's place in North Dakota over Thanksgiving break, where my cousin Fritz and I had been doing the majority of the cooking for everybody. As I threw all of the ingredients in a bowl, Fritz (who is a pretty good cook and one of those people that has been doing it long enough to cook by instinct ...

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Spicy Paleo Spaghetti Sauce

COURSE: Entrée I make this paleo spaghetti sauce approximately every three weeks.  It is easy to make, doesn't require much prep, and lasts for days while tasting just as good as it did the first day.  I usually make extra just to have enough to freeze for days when I'm in too much of a hurry to cook. Plus, it totally hits the spot when you get that itch for pasta that you know you shouldn't scratch.  I really do think that ...

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Paleo Oatmeal

COURSE: Breakfast   Why isn't oatmeal paleo? Oatmeal is one of those breakfast staples that many people are hesitant to say goodbye to when they adopt a paleo or primal diet. In fact, you probably wouldn't be here if you weren't searching for a paleo oatmeal recipe.  Many people want to know why oatmeal isn't paleo. I looked around, and per usual, Mark's Daily Apple has sound, scientifically based information in an easily digestible format.  So I'll defer to him on this: Are Oats ...

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Mint Pesto Chicken

COURSE: Entrée   This meal is fresh and tasty, as well as high in protein.  Mint may seem like an odd flavor for chicken, but nothing could be further from the truth! This is one of those meals that I default to when I want to make something tasty but not spend two hours in the grocery store and two hours cooking.  Plus, the leftovers are always delicious.

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Season Opener Turkey Burgers

COURSE: Entrée "Football season": an excuse for why people can't eat healthy.  It's just too hard.  There's too much to drink, and too much unhealthy food, and too little self control. However, even in the midst of all that, it's a personal decision, just like everything else.  I think the key is to realize that the tough part is actually just consciously making the choice to do your own thing.  Otherwise, you spend the whole time bemoaning how delicious everything looks and wondering ...

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Pink Lady Brussels Sprouts

COURSE: Side Dish   I disliked Brussels sprouts on principle until I tried them for what I'm pretty sure was maybe only the second time ever about a year ago.  Much like broccoli, the smell of Brussels sprouts cooking is a little... different, so I was suspicious as I attempted a Brussels sprouts recipe with browned butter and hazelnuts.  It was surprisingly delicious, so a few weeks later, I tried a different recipe with baked apples.  Again, delicious. After two successes, I was ...