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Chia Seed Pudding

COURSE: Dessert   The full credit for this recipe will have to go to my roommate, @thevmh.  He found this one and adapted it, so this one is officially his baby- and it's a straight up masterpiece. Something about the texture of the chia seeds- almost like nano tapiocas... mmm. But, enough chat- time for the recipe. Gonna try out this recipe? Don’t forget to tag your Instagram pictures to see yours show up on this page: #chiaseedpudding  #leafygreenpaleo

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Coconut Milk Iced Coffee

COURSE: Beverages   This coconut milk iced coffee is really more of a dessert than a simple beverage, but I do usually drink it in the morning and not as a treat after meals, so... I guess I can rationalize putting it in the breakfast category. I have tried quite a few different kinds of coffee and enjoyed it in plenty of different ways. I have also ruined quite a few pots of coffee and had literally no idea what went wrong. ...