Spicy Sweet Potato Chips


Spicy Sweet Potato Chips


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I have honestly never been a big sweet potato person, and in my opinion even good sweet potato fries are just not as indulgently delicious as regular French fries (though lately I’ve actually gotten pretty close to a recipe for sweet potato fries that could really stand up on their own).  But my first attempt at making sweet potato chips the other night was a serious success and my roommate (@thevmh on Instagram) and I ate the entire batch in one sitting.  Next time I do this I may actually try using melted bacon grease instead of coconut oil! Could be epic… we shall see. On that note, make sure you use refined coconut oil so you don’t have the coconut flavor (unless you’re going for a sweet chip and want to replace the paprika, pepper and salt with cinnamon! Mmm…).

The trick to these, I think, is really thin slicing and taking the extra time to make sure you brush an even, thin coat of oil onto both sides of each chip.  So make sure you have a really sharp knife! Also, @thevmh was getting frustrated watching me because as I was slicing the sweet potato, I was only getting about half of a slice each time- I’d start at about a millimeter in from the edge of the potato, but by the time I was halfway through I’d have sliced out of the potato already, if that makes sense.  However, I found that by doing that I was getting really nice, thin slices. It is better to have a chip that starts the right thickness, and then is thinner on the other side, instead of starting the right thickness and then widening out by the time you get to the other side. That produces fat chips that in MY opinion, taste too much like sweet potato chunks and less like chips. The ones I cut like that also were browning but still soft in the middle when I was done cooking them, and not nice and crispy like a real chip.

I really recommend using parchment paper to cook the chips on, since in my opinion it is less likely to burn the chips than placing them on the pan alone or on foil.

TIME SAVING METHOD:  Instead of taking the time to brush each chip, if you don’t mind a bit of waste, you can pour a good amount of oil in a plastic bag and dump in the chips a few at a time, swishing them around and pulling them apart to make sure they don’t stick together, then taking them out before throwing in a few more. After taking them out, lay them in a single layer on a paper towel to make sure they aren’t dripping, patting off the tops lightly with another paper towel.


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Spicy Sweet Potato Chips

spicy sweet potato chips

By Published: November 15, 2012

  • Yield: 3-4 cups (4 Servings)
  • Prep: 20-30 mins
  • Cook: 40-50 mins
  • Ready In: 60 mins

These spicy sweet potato chips are a great paleo-friendly snack, and are really easy to make at home.



  1. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Any hotter will burn the chips before they have cooked all the way through.
  2. Slice the sweet potato into the thinnest slices you can.
  3. Evenly brush the sides of each chip with coconut oil. You can lay them on a large plate and brush over all of them, turning and flipping them to make sure they are all thinly coated.
  4. Spread parchment paper on a large baking pan. Place each chip onto the parchment paper, checking to be sure each side has oil. You will probably need two pans. Be sure the chips are in a single layer, not touching each other at all or only just overlapping at the edges. Even placement is crucial to even cooking and crisp chips.
  5. If your larger chips are still soft in the middle, leave them on the pan and put back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, checking on them once or twice to make sure they don't burn.
  6. Place into the oven, and cook for 40 minutes, checking to make sure your chips aren't burning and turning dark brown (some ovens run hotter than others, so it is always good to keep an eye out when trying a recipe for the first time).
  7. Remove the chips from the oven. Go ahead and remove any/all of the smaller, crispy, finished chips from the pan, placing them upside down onto a plate. Leaving them upside down exposes a (usually) more oily side, making this the perfect time to add salt so it sticks. Taste your chips and add more chipotle chile pepper and smoked paprika if necessary.
  8. Remove chips from the pan, placing them upside down on a plate, salting and seasoning like you did for the first round. Serve while still warm!
    spicy sweet potato chips

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