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Holiday Champagne Sangria

COURSE: Beverages   Going out on a limb here, and going to assume that some of you may be interested in recipes for alcoholic beverages.  I am aware that cavemen probably didn't drink sangria, but the cavemen weren't right about EVERYTHING, you know? However, I am sensitive to the needs of those of you that may not drink alcohol, or that may be sensitive to the sulfites in wine.  If that is you, I recommend substituting the wine in the recipe with pomegranate juice ...

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Season Opener Turkey Burgers

COURSE: Entrée "Football season": an excuse for why people can't eat healthy.  It's just too hard.  There's too much to drink, and too much unhealthy food, and too little self control. However, even in the midst of all that, it's a personal decision, just like everything else.  I think the key is to realize that the tough part is actually just consciously making the choice to do your own thing.  Otherwise, you spend the whole time bemoaning how delicious everything looks and wondering ...